Mamma Mia in Hamilton

I had a great experience in Hamilton, we cleaned the show, we tightened the show and then we played in the beautiful theatre there for a month. What a glorious space Theatre Aquarius is. Big house and an amazing place to work. I really had a lot of time on my own in Hamilton so I explored a lot. I will be returning to do Million Dollar Quartet spring of 2018. I liked reuniting with our crazy cast, I feel like I’ve made some good friends in this show. Exploring Toronto to see family and some friend was glorious, I even had a trip to Niagara Falls. I was particularly happy that a few of my friends were able to make it out and see me. Life on the road can be lonely so friends and fans are a welcome surprise. Next up life in fern gully (Pender Is.) then off to Saskatoon to do Tent Meeting.