My Summer of Pender Is.

img_0578This summer I took a big break from the world of theatre. My little girl turned two in May and I wanted to spend time at home. I decided to take on a series of smaller projects that kept me close to home. Much to the delight of my wife.

I was surrounded by the ocean and lakes and community. I have to admit it was a great recharge. I even snuck away to Cuba for an adventure. Soon I am turning 40 years old. I’m sure I’ll look back at this time in my life, and have a sense of real growth and delight. Work life balance. My little family is so cool.

Going to Cuba was transforming. There is a real question of paradise I’ve been wrestling with. What is it? Is paradise attainable? Is there a universal state or place everyone recognizes as Paradise? There is some writing I will do on this.

I taught a musical theatre intensive on Pender with some amazing kids. the turnout was impressive. we had to cap the class at 20 and turned away 6. I taught them a little Peter and The Starcatcher. My wife KJ has really made a profound impact on the growing arts community on Pender and in Victoria. I’m so proud of her achievements. Check out these things she is up to as the AD of Ptarmigan.¬†

Finally, I started a project working on an original musical in Victoria.

Melissa Young, Alison MacDonald, Heather Burns and I, are collaborating. I love this kind of work. There is a real purpose to the creation and discussion we share during this process. We have a performance lined up for the new year, and perhaps a small tour to the gulf islands if I can line it up.