The Big, Big, Mary Poppins.

This is such a big show!!!!! I love doing shows at WTC, the team is always really good and our leadership makes me want to work harder. What a cool story Mary Poppins is. Hopeful. Redeeming. Tech for this show was especially complicated. There is magic, massive sets, flying, huge dance numbers, big songs an immence amount of costumes… it just goes on and on.  I get to tap dance, fly and play a character that is just so special. I feel very lucky to be one of the Canadian Berts (not that my accent is Canadian, don’t worry). Whenever I am here in Kamloops, I’m always challenged, always excieted. I just feel very lucky to have that kind of support. WTC is very lucky to have such a good AD. The material is always interesting and the team he creates is nothing short of inspiring. I will come back.

So, I have been away from my family for 4 weeks so far. It will be 5.5 weeks total. I know it is not a very long time, but I miss my little family. Sawyer is growing, and trying out some singing, and well I want to kiss her little neck. KJ has been taking over all things while I’m away. Hard I know. Well, I love FaceTime, and calling everyday, and great sitters on Pender. They are all making this time away, that much easier. See you soon KJ and S.

Here’s to our crazy lives.

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