I’ve been a busy boy

These days are crazy it seems. I have just spent the last 4 months working a lot, and preparing to move across the country.

I’ll start with my shows. I had the great privilege to perform “The Last 5 Years” in Regina. It is a piece that I, and many others, have wanted to try ever since it debuted in 2002. With an intensely rich and difficult score, this piece requires a deep study, a marathon endurance, and most importantly the acting chops to tell a very personal devastating story clearly. Well, I had a few people doubt me, and maybe to this day, don’t really believe I did it. I DID do it, and I did it well. It was produced by a company called Golden Apple Theatre in Regina. The production was beautiful devastating and very human. I am so glad I was able to challenge myself in that way and rise to the challenge. In the end, this two handed show had great reviews, and the people whom I respect in the industry, connected with my storytelling. People loved it, and that is perfect.

Next I did these 2 commercials. It is funny, but sometimes a simple commercial can reach so many people. I love doing film and TV. I was able to be kind of goofy funny on this one, so that had the crew laughing. It is a little piece of family connection that resulted in the “Ford commercial”. My grandfather is a retired Ford guy, my uncle is a ford guy currently, and Ford has been a part of my family, since I was little in my dads Mustang. I of course have no real ability to control what commercials are offered me, but the connection was neat. The other one was an “elections Canada” one, you know “vote, everyone’s doing it” kind of thing.

Then, I was in my hometown of Moose Jaw doing a great play. “Girl In A Goldfish Bowl” is about a little girl remembering the last days of her childhood, and the circumstances around those last few days. I played a fantastic charactor named Mr Lawrence. Mr L. is a man without a clear past, and has been found washed up on the beach, just as little “Iris” was saying her last goodbyes to her goldfish. She is convinced he is the reincarnation of her fish. It is a dark and twisty play by Morris Panych. I love his writing and his voice as a playwright. Again a huge privilege to play Mr. Lawrence. It was produced by RuBarb Productions at the beautiful Mae Wilson Theatre. People in Moose Jaw didn’t know what hit them, Strange, beautiful, funny and sad. It was a great piece of theatre with a great cast.

Then, I was off to Saskatoon to create a play/musical from the ground up. Crazy. I have never worked this way before, or to this degree I should say. We spent our hours in a Jewish synagogue, talking myths, and “blue skying” every idea. Then, as we went on in the process, we refined; specified. I loved it. It is really hard to be a leader, and follow, or be a leader when you are unsure. I again, worked with some amazing people. I really wanted to be involved with this project because of this collective creation aspect. Our story that we ended up creating is going to be Sum Theatre’s newest show in the summer. With a cast of 6 + two musicians we will be taking over parks in Saskatoon. Everyone who want to see us, can for free. This will be a new experience for me. I love all these new challenges. I’ll tell you the show title later.

Now, lets talk about my big move. So my wife KJ, who is awesome, has been offered an Artistic Directorship on Pender Island BC. She will become the new AD of Ptarmigan Music and Theatre society, an arts charity on the island. We had talked about this possibility for some time, as we were getting a little anxious to move to a different spot. I think this is a great move for Krista and my daughter Sawyer. We have a place set up on the island, that we are renting for the first year. We of course are in the process of selling our beautiful home here in MJ.  I am a little nervous about connecting/reconnecting with the theatre and film scene over there , but I’m hopeful that a Victoria/Vancouver Island relationship will blossom. I will of course will still be working in Saskatchewan and Ontario again, as well as, other parts of BC. This will be a new chapter for all of us. Wish us luck.

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