I am so confused????


I seem to be missing a few blogs. Where to start….
I had a child! An amazing Daughter at the beginning of last summer. Her name is Sawyer : ) I am sure I have pics up all over the place but here is one for now. She is my pride and joy so I don’t quite know what to say.

My wife KJ is amazing and we were able to take the summer off together just to be parents and a family before I had to get back to doing shows. Our summer was spent in Saskatchewan around friends and family, but mostly just us. When I am stressed out or really busy I think of those times and it calms me.

I then came out to do a lot of filming around the country for the Documentary I’ve been working on. It is exciting piecing together all the stories of Al Capone in Moose Jaw, with the thriving legal or illegal liquor trade that was happening in the 1920/30s.

Then, I moved on to work with some heavy hitters out of Toronto in a Music Review called Closer Than Ever. We did it at Western Canada Theatre and we will also re-mount it at the 1000 Islands Playhouse in Ontario in the Spring. I was lucky that my little family was able to spend some time with me while I was at WTC.

Finally, I’m now back in Kamloops BC doing the Canadian Premier of a wonderfully imaginative play called Peter and the Starcatcher. Again I am working with some of Canada’s best. We open in just 11 days. Crazy.

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