Working in Silence

It’s a scary thing to take my tools away.

I have always lived with a motto that says, “my art should be a little scary”. What I mean, when I say that, is that when I take on roles as an actor, I’ve tried to avoid unchallenging work. This of course means that sometimes I suck. Sometimes it means I am brilliant. Obviously, I would like to be brilliant more often than not, but the thrill comes from pushing what I can do into places I fear I can’t. This is the craft I enjoy.

This show, Silent Chap, is a new piece, original, evocative, and funny. It is also completely silent.

I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to try these roles on for size. Sometimes the challenge comes in the form of material given. Like in this case, a iconic character that almost everyone in the world recognizes. Someone who lives entirely on film. Someone who communicates without uttering a sound. Let alone the physical challenge of being constantly in second position. Have you ever ran in second position?

This is one of the new challenges I have decided to take on this year. After completing this play, or maybe we can call it a silent opera :), I will go to Pender island BC to teach a musical theatre workshop. Im looking forward to doing this too. I hear the kids are talented and a quick study. Then, Ill head back to Moose Jaw to teach an artist workshop for Autistic children. This is scary as well, because I have no idea how it will go. I have hopes that they will like what I do, and that I can share my love of theatre.

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