Kamloops and Tap

I am in Kamloops, just opened Fiddler On The Roof with the Kamloops Symphony. We had a fantastic opening night with a packed house and a reception in the lobby. Afterwards we all came down to the rehearsal hall for a bit of an after hours party. This has been an amazing trip to the BC Interior. This is a huge cast, and we are all working really hard. The designers have created a really stunning show that tells a beautiful story. I haven’t seen the show of course, as I am back stage in the dark blue hue of stage left. KJ says it is beautiful, and she cried throughout Act 2. We are all in good hands.

It is funny how much I have been tap dancing, everyday if I can. I love to do it. I really am getting much better. As I gear up for Singing In The Rain, I am working on little, combos, and some really challenging steps. It is all very exciting. I have taken classes in Moose Jaw, Kamloops, and when I get there, Vancouver. My biggest influence is my wife Krista, luckily she is a very good tap dancer, and many of the people in our biz respect her as a great tap dancer. I am getting better, stronger, and getting the grace of it all.

I have to get to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. I hope to see some of my family and friends. I am looking forward to tapping in Van with Jen Bishop as well. I will then get back to Moose Jaw for a few weeks. Hope everyone’s spring is Great one.

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