Traveling into Desert Songs, and Singing In The Rain

I have had a really cold, and travel filled January/Feb. Work has been incredibly slow, as it always seems to be in Jan/Feb, and I have not decided to travel to a tropical sanctuary. I have been saving to buy another house.

I swear to you it has reached -46C (with windchill) in this crazy province. I usually like a bit of cold but that is crazy. I have a saying now: There are no animals around…..they all left, we are the only stubborn species that refuse to go deep south. I have always thought it would be wise for Canada, Saskatchewan in particular, to buy an island in the Caribbean somewhere. As a Canadian, I propose I would go there and spend money, invest, add to the cultural landscape, help to make it a home away from home. The government would get a good return on its investment in no time at all.


Another thing that happened recently is that my Grandmother died this month. She had Alzheimer’s. I am glad she is not trapped by her useless mind/body anymore and died peacefully. As for my grandfather, she was the love of his life. They met in Regina Saskatchewan. She was a chorus girl in a show called The Desert Song. My Great-grandfather was the lead, and his son (my grandfather) came to a performance. She was studying to be a nurse and singing in the conservatory. Gramps was at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, studying engineering. When Gramps saw her, he asked about her, and instantly fell in love . He immediately transferred schools down to the U of R to be near her, and won her heart. They shared a love of singing. She was a lyric soprano, and he was an operetic bass/baritone. I miss the sounds of their singing voices together. Lovely.


I had to fly out to Vancouver for the funeral. While I was there I had the opportunity to do some auditioning and see some family. I was fruitful in my hunt for some work. I have now secured a great part in a great show on Vancouver Island. I go until Sept 01. It’s “Singing In The Rain”, and I’m Don Lockwood. When I got back to the frigid tundra, that is Saskatchewan in late January, I organized another little road-trip to Calgary to do some more auditions. These went well. I am excited to maybe do some work in Alberta. It seems silly that I end up driving through or flying over Alberta each year for work. Let’s do some work together, Alberta!

These little trips are nice in that I do get to say hello to my family. In Vancouver because of the funeral I was able to see my cousins, who are so talented it is crazy to me. Also my Aunts and Uncles who I never get to hang out with anymore. Finally my Mom, my Dad, and Jake, one of my brothers. I stayed with my Mom at her beautiful place. I worry sometimes that she can get a little lonely there, but when I saw her she seemed happy. It was nice to see. It was wonderful to sit and laugh and eat great food.  I hope she joins a group or club for shits and giggles, I think she could really use some new friends.

My Dad was busy painting. When I was little, I used to sit and read in his studio while he painted. It is a place I found myself this visit. It’s a nice place to be. My dad has become a conservative in his old age. It is a long way from an artist on Bowen Island. There are still many things we can agree on. I just get the impression he would tell all the people who are fighting for rights, recognition, conservation, etc. to “just get on with it”. I really think it all comes from a “life is too short” philosophy, rather than a “life is about every man for himself” declaration. I hope so.
My brother Jake was in Mexico with his girlfriend. For the very brief moments I was able to see him, it was lovely. I stayed in his swanky West Vancouver apartment. He has the softest sheets and pillow cases I have ever felt. I wish he could come and see my place out in Moose Jaw. He probably never will.

Going to Calgary I was able to see Joan (my mother in law). So good to see her. I miss her coming around, chatting, she is a firecracker. I hope she is able to do some travel before her body stops her from it. We would love to meet her in Hawaii, or do a road trip with my Mom to the east coast. I know it is expensive, so that is lame, and we can barely afford to take ourselves, let alone our Mothers. It was nice to sit and talk, do crosswords, and hear about her new adventures. We were able to see Sean and Alex as well. Alex is doing really well it seems to me. She has this amazing ability with music. I hope she can nourish that as much as possible. Sean seems okay, it was really great to talk with him. I have really liked getting to know him – we are comfortable around each other, which is more than I can say for people I have known for years.

I will find a way to invest some money. Real estate is my friend, and I like the idea of owning another home. It is hard to save for it now though as there are many plans in the works. I am determined to get a tropical paradise or a  home in a different province. I don’t know.

Oh well, I can dream and plan for now.

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