Time Off…….Hmmm

It is a strange feeling to have time off. I usually spend my time unwinding by working around the house, getting caught up on finances, and playing video games. KJ and I have also been decorating for Christmas, and that is always fun. This time around though, I have added to my list. Yoga.

Yoga and me are a good match. It’s kinetic, strength building and I like the message of unity and positive affirmations. I took a Moksha Yoga class with KJ, and another friend David, in Milton Ontario this past summer. I loved it. I am a fan of heat, but more than that, it just connects with me.

So, here I am in Moose Jaw with about 3 weeks off until I start another show, and I have come back to Yoga. This class I am taking is not Moksha, it is Vinyasa with some Yoga tune-up thrown in for good measure. There can be infrared classes for some extra warmth or not. Here is the link for the classes on Tuesday, Thursday. That is when KJ an I go.
Body In Mind Yoga

I will be also working again on my tap dancing this time off,  just to add some rhythm to my day. Tappy Tappy!

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