The End Of “In Flanders Fields”

I am just so impressed with this show. It was a project that I was excited about doing with Golden Apple Theatre in Regina. This show is a new Canadian musical and I had the district privilege to not only work on the piece, but play its main character John McCrae. The reaction by our audience was overwhelmingly positive. I had a number of service men and women, come to me after the show, and thank me for portraying John the way I did. That to me is why I do these kind of shows.

I have felt welcomed into a small and mighty Regina Theatre community by Golden Apple Theatre. The cast and crew of this project are great people, and I feel that I will work with them all again. The treatment I received by the Golden Apple team is remarkable. I was able to drive 2 fantastic, brand new Ford vehicles. I worked in spaces that I have never worked in before, and I got to know one of the writers of this show. As well, I was able to work with very talented people I have never worked with before.

Vehicles you ask? Okay, here is the deal. I know I already mentioned the Ford Flex, but for the final week I was given a 2013 Ford Escape. What a cool vehicle. This Escape is filled with all the bells and whistles, i.e. voice commands, self parking, iPhone sync, it is just awesome for gadgetry. I have to say what I like the most about this vehicle is the feel and the fuel economy. I am a big fan of saving money so yes fuel cost is very important to me. I get 9.1 L/100km. I know this because the cool displays tell me. Also, it costs about 60 dollars to fill at today’s prices. All of this translates into about 3 trips into Regina and back from Moose Jaw. This is much better than I expected. I have to say I can imagine myself on long road trips with the Escape. It has room, and is really not bad on gas. The last part I like is the feel. It has good power and control. It is winter right now in Moose Jaw so that means hard ice, smooshy snow, unplowed roads (word invention is one of my favorite hobbies), and freezing air.  Let alone the frozen rain and snowfalls. This Escape is awesome.

All of these amazing experiences would never have happened without Golden Apple, so thank you.



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