My Flex.

I am about to have an opening night tonight for In Flanders Fields in Regina Saskatchewan, and I am planning to take my Flex tonight. As you have probably read already, I have been given this new Ford Flex to drive throughout my rehearsal process. It has been a great car to drive.

As a person who likes to drive, I like certain features that this car has. It has a powerful feel when driving it, I don’t know if that makes any sence, but it feels solid, strong, with a quick response to my feet and fingertips. The other thing I like is the handling. Now I have driven cars vans and trucks that are good in turns, but this flex holds the road very well. I don’t ever feel like I am out of control in a turn or that I need a wide berth when turning. I really like vehicles that have everything I need on the steering wheel. Set speed,volume, cruse and now I can even talk. It is very good.

Other neat things about this vehicle, that are just bonuses, are the voice commands. I have the ability to be hands free when taking or making a call. Even simple things like adjusting temperatures or music I can do it with my voice, via a button on my steering wheel. I had to learn the language of the car for all this to run smoothly, but it works. The other thing is that I get to have my iPhone hooked up so I can have my music in the car. Modern tech is sooooooo important!

Finally I like the push button starter as well as the cap-less gas tank. I know these are simple things but they are very useful. As well the sight lines are very good, even though there are these little noises and lights to tell me if I am close to anything.

Some things that I don’t really care about are the automatic seat adjustments when ever I enter or exit my car. They are cool for a while, but if I am in a hurry, or my wife decides to drive than it’s not as flexible.
I have to admit, I also don’t really consider this a car. It is more like a truck/van hybrid. Ideal for families, but maybe not for just 2 or 3 people.

I have to say the only things I don’t like are the gas/km. It is expensive at around 75 dollars to fill up. With my commute, I had to fill up about every 3 days, so it did cost a bit after a while. I know this may sound sacrilegious to many car owners out there , but if our speed laws are maxed at 110km, why do I need to drive a vehicle that could go more than double that? Really, if I think about it, I would like an extra 30km at the top, so available 150km, but for short bursts. I really think that if we need cars to go 260km than we should pay for their gas inefficiency, but if we don’t, than maybe car companies could bring down the max speed, and have engines that run on less gas. I don’t know, just a thought.

I have some friends that have a way shorter commute, and have a zillion kids, so I will defiantly recommend this vehicle to them. The fact that you can take a snack, put it in your fridge (build in), and hit the road for the lake, or camping, or the outdoor theatre festival, with your whole 5 person family is awesome.

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