Week One Rituals

It has been a crazy week of music and blocking. Rituals are funny aren’t they? When rehearsals start I always have a few things that I do consistently.

I always have a green smoothly in the morning
I always have some kind of tea or coffee before I start.
I always record my lines as a whole on my iPhone
I always stretch and do vocal warm-ups in my car (now the Flex)
I also seen to always go through a period of internal/external panic. Like why am I doing this? I will never be ready. This is not going to work. Aahhhhhh. The usual neurotic artist bullshit. Then I come through the other side confident, prepared, feeling great. I am not there yet, but I’m getting there.

So I also have been driving the Ford Flex for a week now, and I have to say I am satisfied with the gas/cost. I drive in from Moose Jaw to Regina every morning. I hook up my iPhone and it sync with the Flex, and then I listen to my music as I sing and stretch. The trip is about 45 min and 65km away, so I use just under a quarter tank to get there. I does cost about 68 dollars to fill, so twice a week it costs 130. I figure this is the cost of living in another city. I will try to stay a few nights during the run next week to save some money. Over all
I am satisfied with gas/km.

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