In Flanders Fields, The Ford Flex

I just started my rehearsals for In Flanders Fields, I am nervous. We have a brand new show to learn and we have only 2 weeks to learn it. I rarely work on new musicals, they take work, a lot of work. The most difficult thing about new musicals is that the score does not have a previous recording which means that the melodies the rhythms and the harmonies all have to be learned by rote. I do not read music like a trumpet player might, or a trained vocal singer with a degree at a conservatory. That is fine many of us don’t, it just means I have to work twice as hard.

This process is a quick one this time. They have scheduled just 10 days of rehearsal, then into tech and dress. I just want this to be great. It is such a beautiful score and the story is very touching. Rob our director has a great idea for a Music Hall style introduction of the evening. Each evening we will begin the show singing a couple of old-time favorites then maybe leading everyone in a rousing “Tipperary” style group sing.

Another really cool aspect of this contract is that I have been given a car to drive around in. It is a new For Flex. It is a bigger car than I am used tom, so I am still getting used to it. So there are really great things and okay things so far. The great things are the way it drives. The pick up is great it feels like a powerful car. It turns easy and has great line of sight to every angle. I like to know where I am when I am driving. also it is quiet without feeling like you are in a spaceship. I can still feel the engine, it is nice.

The voice commands are pretty cool too, I just have to learn the language. I can’t just say “Stereo”or “Radio” I have to say “Entertainment”. The phone blue tooth hook up is pretty great, it takes a couple of minutes to hook up but then I can call using voice command. The navigation system I don’t understand yet at all. Again I can’t just tell it my address and it tells me how to get there. I have to program every step. When there is pressure to get going, or get out of an area that one is lost in, this small but essential step is time-consuming, and I just don’t bother. I will learn more about this car and say more later.

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