New York, New York!

Ahhh what a place it is. KJ and I, drove in from Toronto, and it took about 6 hours. We stayed with a dear friend named Jason, who happen to live right across the river in Jersey City. I have got to tell you, he lives in a beautiful walk-up, with a loft style apt on the top floor. Awesome!

Krista and I stayed for a week, exploring and walking every inch we could of Manhattan Island. We really stayed in about the mid to lower Manhattan area, but did find time to travel to Brooklyn and Coney Island.
The island is made up of districts, or communities within this lush urban landscape. It really has a history that can be felt within every building and park. I am a big fan of architecture, artist pockets, and urban planning, so for me, I was in heaven. I was really impressed about how easy it was to get around. The subway is very simple, clean, and easy to navigate. The urban core is logical, and though big, not impossible just to walk around and site-see.

I saw the usual things like the Statue of Liberty, the rebuilt Twin Towers, the Empire State Building, Times Square. South Side Seaport, Battery Park, Central Park, Imagine memorial, Wall Street, Broadway, Hells Kitchen, Chelsea, Lombardi’s Pizza, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Soho, 5th Ave. However I also saw some really cool things like: Off Broadway, Coney Island, MOMA, East Village, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge walk, Jersey City walk, and of course I swam in the Atlantic Ocean!

Krista and I were able to see some shows when we were there. We saw Peter And The Star Catcher, Living With Henry, and Nice Work If You Can Get It. We spend a few hours in the MOMA, as well as caught the Bodies Exhibit at the South Side Sea Port. Then Finally we were able to see a really cool guy we are fans of in the East Village. We know of him from YouTube check him out he is awesome  Mike Falzone.

As for the shows, Bodies was fine. The MOMA is an experience I think everyone should see. I grew up with artists all my like so art for art’s sake, expressive diverse odd personal pieces are kind of cool. I must admit I like the use of light and colour in paintings, as well as texture. In sculpture, I like impressionist angular pieces. Some of the pieces featured in the MOMA were experiential, and some were profoundly moving. Many however just left me with questions. There was a discussion about, “what is art” being discussed in the outside space at the museum. As I entered some exhibits, I was unsure as to what the pieces were really there for. I also found that descriptions placed around some pieces, overwhelmed them, so much so, that they were left without life. As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of Art in all its forms, so I loved it.

Our Off Off Broadway and Broadway shows were great. I particularly liked Peter and The Star Catcher. Great story and great storytelling. So Funny, I would love to be in it one day. I Will. Nice Work was fun. and again I would like to be in it as the main character or maybe one of the gangsters. Mathew Broderick played the lead. I am not sure to this day whether or not he was drunk, my wife swears he was. Living with Henry was a story about living with HIV. I was moved and proud of the man who wrote it. As I now know him, I have an even deeper appreciation for him.

I have to admit we were exhausted by the end of the week. It was like a tourism overload. Both KJ and I will go back.

We spent the next 4 days driving back to Moose Jaw across the States and up into Canada via Saskatchewan. I love these long road trips.

Since I’ve come back I have already been in a documentary about Al Capone and Moose Jaw, taught an Acting For The Camera Workshop, and now I am in Saskatoon rehearsing Dead Man’s Cell Phone…. phewww

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