Opening in Chemainus

Oh boy, this is going to be fun.Opening Night of Noises Off!

It has been a really interesting journey with this production. When we did it in Kamloops a great actor named Thom Marriott first created the role of our director, Lloyd, in the play. Thom had his own rhythms and choices as an actor. We as an ensemble created the life of this play listening and reacting from these choices. It was a smash success.

We are now in Chemainus, on Vancouver Island, and we have a new Lloyd, played by another great actor named Simon Webb. We had our pre-views over the last couple of days, and once again it is a smash.

I always love watching people work, I learn a lot. The choices Simon has made have effected our choices. The new rhythms he brings to the table give us all new impulses to work with as actors. It is really kind of cool how it all works.

The work we all do in this play, really should be seen, it’s good. Daryl Cloran has crafted a really great piece of theatre. I really like him as a Director.

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