Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

We are deep in rehearsals now, and I have been working my ass off with music and choreography. One of the main reasons I wanted to take this show is because of the team. Daryl Cloran, Marek Norman, and Valerie Easton. These three individules are very, very good at what they do, and will create a beautiful rich show. Each of them have very impressive careers, as well as a strong passion for theatre. I have been a huge fan of Marek Norman for quite some time, and have always wanted to work with him, so I hope this is the beginning to some great collaborations.

I will have to introduce you to our cast. I feel very lucky to perform with these people as they are truley great at what they do.

Stephen Aberle                    Jacob
Danny Balkwill                    Joseph
Shane Carty                       Levi/Pharaoh
Cameron Barrett                   Judah
Andrew Cownden                Dan/Potiphar
Diana Coatsworth               Mrs. Potiphar/Wife
Michael Culp                      Issachar
Michael Kovac                     Gad/Baker
Jesse Martyn                     Asher
Neil Minor                        Simeon
Katie Murphy                     Wife/Dance Captain
Tracy Neff                        Narrator
Graham Newmarch             Naphtali
Colin Sheen                       Benjamin
Daniel White                      Zebulan

And ME as Reuben

Come and check it out at the Sage Brush Theatre in Kamloops! Opens the 26th of November. Preview 24th and 25th!

Get your Tix here!

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