Winning In The Artist Van

As an art obsessed person I have a certain bias. I like Art in all its forms. I am a believer that artful expression is a needed device to access some of human kinds inner thoughts, impressions, and even observations. I think art can give a voice to people that are silent, and add colour to our world that can be all too often grey and beige. I know there are those of us out there, that have no use for what they think of as Art. They feel disconnected to it, and feel it is a hobby with no real world applications. That is where the artist van comes in.

It is my job to hire professional Artists from different backgrounds to travel into smaller communities and showcase their art in a workshop format. I love this job it is a chance for me to give opportunities to Artists and give students a window into another life. The benefits of this type of program, are sometimes hard to translate for beige people, and can be even harder to see when exposure to professional artists is next to none. Luck for all involved I happen to have an artist van that tours all over this spectacular province.

I enjoy connecting visual art with graphic design and further connecting that to marketing. I love connecting acting to public speaking, and then with sales and then with business entrepreneurship. I connect music to communication, finally to therapy. Connections in dance like exercise to health are easy. Sometimes it is just about being able to look at a problem with a different point of view.

This is my forth year doing this tour, and I have worked with some great artists. Most everyone has a unique story to tell about a community while on this tour. Some have stories of students that have become artists themselves. I have always loved the moment when a student finally understands a moment and discovers it for themselves.

Peace out for now.


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