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Learning to act is learning to access emotions

On stage in the drama room at Riverview Collegiate Institute on Sunday, Sept. 35, 2011, Live Out Loud Theatre actors Leon Willey (left) and KJ Konkin do an improvised sketch in front of some young would-be thespians during an acting for the stage…

Published on September 25, 2011KJ and Leon

Carter Haydu
Topics : Great Plains School of the Arts

Acting is very useful skill, according to Live Out Loud Theatre actress KJ Konkin.

“Acting is just listening and reacting,” Konkin told the Times-Herald on Sunday.

She said an actor must learn to access emotions and portray them, be vulnerable and brave when performing, and these are all skills that can make for successful people, even if those who learn the acting trade don’t actually become thespians.

Konkin and her partner Leon Willey were imparting their dramatic knowledge onto youth aged nine to 13 over the weekend as part of a Great Plains School of the Arts weeklong training session at Riverview Collegiate Institute (RVCI), which continues during the week and concludes next Sunday.

As part of the final day of training, Konkin said the children would be performing what they learned from the week and anyone and everyone is welcome to check out their talents from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2, in the drama room downstairs at RVCI. Admission is free.

For more on this story, read an upcoming edition of the Times-Herald.


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