We have had some great press so far for our upcoming FALLEN TOUR! here are some examples:

This link below takes you to a very cool interview we did at CHAB Radio in Moose Jaw.


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The Rural Saskatchewan Tour

Kelly-Anne Riess is a poet. Her most recent collection of poetry was “To End a Conversation” (Thistledown Press, 2008). It was featured on CBC and on NPR in the U.S. As a result of the work, it was shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award. Over the past couple of years, she has been working on a long poem called “Fallen.” It’s a bit of a comedy that pokes fun of marriage and is suitable for a general audience. She got together with actors Leon Willey and Krista Konkin to develop a stage version of the work. Leon has been seen around Saskatchewan acting for Saskatoon’s Persephone Theatre and the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. He also performs around Canada and has shows coming up at professional theatre companies in Halifax, Victoria and Red Deer. Krista Konkin is a choreographer, director and actor who has worked on shows in Toronto, Vancouver and occasionally runs shows in Moose Jaw through her theatre company Live Out Loud.To add to the project the group will create a second piece tailored to the communities they will be visiting. They have decided to develop a dramatic retelling of how the T-rex was discovered. The piece is meant to be light and fun, but with some real history or folklore around it. They will spend the day leading up to the show interviewing some people around town who might have some insight into the story they are telling. They will incorporate their interviews into the production. Because they are putting this drama together on the fly, it will rely heavily on improvisation.

After they leave they will polish it up into a written script and gift it to the T.rex Discovery Centre as a production that captures a bit of history. The Centre could later use this drama in their outreach programs. The Eastend Arts Council and the T.rex Discovery Centre are sponsoring the event. It will be held on Saturday September 3, 2011 at 7:30 p.m in the T.rex Discovery Centre theatre. Tickets are $8 – advance or $10 at the door. Tickets are available at the T.rex Discovery Centre or at Hidden Valley Foods.


Poetry and drama on tour in southern Saskatchewan 

Kelly-Anne Riess reading poetry in Moose Jaw
Kelly-Anne Riess reading poetry in Moose Jaw
Published on August 19, 2011
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Moose Jaw poet Kelly-Anne Riess has teamed up with actors Leon Willey and KJ Konkin for a theatrical reading of her workFallen. The troupe will take their show to four Saskatchewan communities as part of the Saskatchewan Arts Board Culture On the Go project, which supports artistic innovation to be taken on the road. The night will also involve some exploration of each community’s local mythology and folklore.

“There’s two parts to it,” Riess, who is currently in Banff doing research for her novel, told the Times-Herald. “The first part is an enactment of a longer poem called Fallen about a marriage over time. The second part is community based and reviving the local history of the community.

“It’s sort of improvised but there’s some planning. We also wanted to add a bit of a ticking clock element to it–that we only have a week to put these shows together to create a bit of drama.” Riess said  Fallen is a romantic comedy that follows a relationship centered on an archetypal man and woman, from their first meeting through to a marriage that takes unexpected turns.


And we’re also advertised on the T.rex Discovery Centre website.  Watch their scrolling images on their homepage, our poster comes up.

I also had the Saskatchewan Writers Guild advertise our shows in their weekly email newsletter last Friday.

We will ALSO be on CHAB Radio in Moose Jaw on Monday afternoon, things are looking up!

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